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I knew this would happen!

Editorial: Connecticut gun owners revolt.” Read the entire article it’s worth your time.

I knew the moment I heard about this law that Connecticut passed, it  was never going to work. I had no idea how many weapons there were but the possible number 300,000,  and only 50000 registered as required by law. Haha – 250,000 felons.

This article is an excellent point of view as to why these laws won’t work:

Those wishing to possess a pistol already had to pay fees, take tests and fill out paperwork to obtain a firearms-purchase permit.

Separate permission from the state was required just to buy ammunition in a process that must be repeated every five years. Bearing arms outside the home requires another permit that the state may, or may not, issue at its discretion.

and he says it plain and simple

None of these hurdles prevent crime. The alleged perpetrator of the Newtown massacre obtained his weapons by murdering his own mother, in violation of the law. That’s what criminals do.

What is wrong with legislators, they react rather than think proactively. I guess it doesn’t surprise me, soon forks will be on the endangered list or what about spoons and I’ll have to eat with my hands I guess… What say you?

Oh wait the fight continues ” Courant demands on gun enforcement present dilemma for state.”

I spoke to soon “Hammer slaying trial: Former family nanny speaks out.” azfamily.com Posted on February 22, 2014 at 1:23 PM Updated today at 1:40 PM


Guns versus snakes – dangerous?

Are guns more dangerous than snakes” and “A nation of snake handlers“.

Ok just a word or two, I don’t get into religion but if your religion allows you to pick up snakes especially venomous ones – just don’t endanger others and I’m fine with it. Personally I wouldn’t do it but who am I to say its wrong or right. Just as I’m for the 2nd Amednment I also believe you have the right to pray to whatever or whoever you want. Just for the record I have 3 non-venomous snakes at my office and I have moved several venomous ones from one place to a safer place.

Anyway great articles on snakes and guns, worth the read – however you feel.

Gopher snake just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. I think he got hit by a car.