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Hunt S.A.F.E.

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Cabela’s Inc. partners with NSSF and Project ChildSafe are in the midst of a “Hunt S.A.F.E.” campaign

“S.A.F.E.” is an acronym for Secure your firearms when not in use; Be Aware of those around you who should not have unauthorized access to guns; Focus on your responsibility as a firearm owner; and Educate yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage.


Project ChildSafe


Millions of Americans own firearms and more people choose to become gun owners every day. At the same time, crimes and accidents with firearms have been going down. Help Project ChildSafe keep this trend going in the right direction with these safety precautions.

Safe Handling

Review the firearm safety handling procedures every gun owner should know by heart.

Safe Storage

From gun locks to biometric gun safes, there’s a wide variety of safe storage options available for gun owners. Find a storage option that suits your lifestyle, priorities and environment.

Find a Safety Kit

Project ChildSafe partners with local law enforcement agencies to distribute cable-style gun locks and safety instructions, free of charge. Use the interactive map to find a Safety Kit in your state.